大河网讯 1月6日上午,河南省十三届人大六次会议在省人民会堂开幕。灾后重建、创新驱动、现代产业体系……这些关键词全部出现在2022年河南省政府工作报告中,大河网记者对此进行了梳理。

On the morning of January 6, the Third Session of the 13th Henan Provincial People’s Congress opened at Henan People’s Hall in Zhengzhou city of Henan province. Such key words or phrases as post-disaster reconstruction, innovation-driven development and modern industrial system are stressed in the work report of the People’s Government of Henan Province. Here are the top 10 hot words or phrases selected from the work report.



First, economy

Investment in fixed assets is expected to reach 2.8 trillion yuan in 2022. During Henan’s 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), a total of 3,000 kilometers of high-speed rail will be open to traffic with an investment of 300 billion yuan. Besides, the quantity and quality of projects will be enhanced, the new types of consumption encouraged and the campaign of “10,000 people help 10,000 enterprises” deepened.



Two, post-disaster reconstruction

Reconstruction of collapsed housing in rural areas will be finished, and flood control projects repaired and upgraded to strengthen weak links in urban flood control and drainage. With 3 years of efforts, Henan’s disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities are expected to be strengthened substantially to live up to the expectations of the CPC Central Committee and the people living in the province.



Three, innovation-driven development

Leading innovation platforms will be established to encourage enterprises to conduct innovative practices, competent professionals attracted and cultivated to innovate research systems and mechanisms, and a strong atmosphere of respecting innovation and creation fostered to make innovation the most distinctive symbol of Henan in the new era.



Four, modern industrial system

Focusing on building strong industrial chains of new display, intelligent terminal, intelligent sensor, cyber security, 5G, advanced computing, Henan’s electronic information industry is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan by the end of 2025. Besides, the integrated development of the digital economy and manufacturing will be accelerated to create a national Industrial Internet demonstration zone. Henan will also build 10 provincial centers for digital transformation promotion to make intelligent application scenarios cover all industries.



Five, new urbanization

Henan will promote the building of Zhengzhou as a national central city into a modern metropolitan rich in culture, with sound ecology and full of wisdom and fashion. Besides, Henan will also promote the construction of modern metropolitan area with coordinated and balanced development between different regions, boost high-quality development of county economies, and build livable and resilient smart cities putting people first and foremost.



Six, rural vitalization

Henan will continue to take its responsibility for national food security by ensuring a total grain output exceeding 130 billion jin (1 jin equals 0.5 kg) in 2022. The construction of China (Zhumadian) International Industrial Park of Agricultural Products Processing and Zhoukou National Demonstration Zone of Agricultural High-tech Industry will be accelerated. Besides, consolidation of the results of poverty elimination shall dovetail with rural vitalization, preventing any large-scale relapse into poverty.



Seven, reform and opening-up

Henan will expand new space for opening-up by creating new advantages as an important outbound channel. Besides, Henan will keep optimizing business environment, strengthen protection of property rights and intellectual property rights and crack down on malicious default to strengthen Henan’s reliability. Reform in key areas will continue to be furthered with a group of leading enterprises in engineering, cultural tourism, logistics, etc., developed.



Eight, ecological environment

Ecological protection of the Yellow River basin will be strengthened and follow-up assistance to residents once living in the Yellow River areas provided. Prior to the new round of relocation, the peace of the Yellow River must be ensured. Henan will strengthen its protection of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project’s central route to ensure the safety of water transfer and quality. Henan will also step up efforts to protect biodiversity, plant 2.1 million mu (1 mu equals 0.067 hectares) of trees and nurture 2.05 million mu of forests to make Henan more beautiful.



Nine, people’s livelihood

Henan will continue to give priority to employment, improve the mechanism of wage determination and regular growth and protect the rights and interests of employees engaged in new businesses. Supporting measures for the three-child policy will be perfected to take good care of the elderly and the young. 7 universities and 11 disciplines will be supported to apply for China’s “Double First-Class” initiative to optimize the structure and layout of institutions of higher learning in Henan as well as their disciplines, colleges and majors. Besides, Henan will continue to carry out projects to support people’s basic livelihood to make people have a stronger sense of fulfillment, happiness and security.



Ten, guard against and defuse risks and latent dangers

Henan will build a strong line of fighting against natural disasters and quickly shore up weak links in flood control and disaster relief works. Besides, Henan will also guard against and defuse risks in economic and financial sectors, finish the restructuring of city banks and rural credit cooperatives while minimizing related risks, reduce high-risk institutions, actively and properly handle problematic housing projects and guard against and defuse risks in production to guarantee the security of lives and property of the people.

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